the Family Project

wow this review is coming WAY WAY WAY after the fact. I have read books in the past year but somehow my Tyndale books kept getting lost in the mess known as life.
*** received this book from Tyndale for free for the purpose of reviewing it and the thoughts expressed are mine :) ***

This book is one that when I requested it I didn't think it would pertain to me as much as it would be a great teaching tool ( since many of my readers know I work along side my husband in his role of student pastor). Which I think in retrospect my attitude probably adjudicated how I would feel at the end too- and hope to re-read it soon in respect to my life and relationships.

This book/ curriculum is built to help you see who you are in Gods eyes and your direct purpose in the family unit you have. I have struggled as my husband and I have been married longer to see us as a valid family unit with the all too often comments of " you will understand when you start a family". So I am going to take my five minutes of fame, my blog to stand on a soap box for other "families" like mine. When two become one on the wedding day they join together two families to become one family, so from day one you and your husband are family :) (this again is where I will remind you that I myself am in need of a review of this book on my own life).

I would highly recommend this book for any age of Sunday school class/ bible study group because I think it helps each person see the reminder of their importance in a family role as well as the boundaries they must set and adhere in your role.

till the next review


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