Review: Asking by Panas

a very rough review of Asking by Jarold Panas for work : )          
    From the first few pages, you can tell this would be a wonderful pick me up book for someone who is finding A LOT of dead ends in their asks- in almost a Dr Suess type approach. A great reminder game on page 12- people do not want to give their money away, they want to invest it in great causes. So as 4 reminds us: milk the cow but do not tell your donors they are cows or that you want their milk.
            Empathy: listening and being there for someone, Energy: sparks and actively listening, and finally Enthusiasm: it’s contagious. Wrap all three with the bow of integrity and you have a good relationship with a donor. Be an excited listener.
            Do not sell needs, sell answers to the problems people are facing. Do not push your agenda, but allow them to see where their giving heart is. Probe to questions that could lead to concerns you can clear up.
“Sometimes the hallway in-between is murder”! hahahaha really funny quote!!
            You miss what you do not take, you see a target no one else sees and go for it. Share how your work with affect the donor. Share smaller scales of affects because people can not wrap their head around large quantities of people. Know when to pause, even if you would take the sound of nails on a chalk board over the silence. Then you follow up because “never take no for an answer, Even if the person dies, I take that as a maybe.”

            Be ready for rejection and be excited for it, because where God closes a door, He is opening a heart 


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