Review: Major Donor Game Plan

I reviewed the book Major Donor Game Plan by Patrick McLaughlin for a work project, and felt I should share it since I have many friends who are in the fundraising "game".  

Great use of 1st Chronicle 28 and Luke 14, I think it easiest to have a biblical definition of what you are trying to do. Planning, outlining, timing and understanding your project and what you are asking your donor is very important.
Important concept: a gift from the heart is given for different reasons than a gift from the head. No more Heavenly Hinting- just like car sales men, people do not like those that beat around the bush and give them the information you would like (the full cost of the car).

Why do so many churches/ pastors believe that it isn’t their job or apologize profusely to preach about giving? People need models, and in the generation of many people not being raised in the church coming to know Christ and becoming some of  your most active members you have to teach them or they will not ever know. We cannot be upset about not meeting budget when we are not guiding and showing how to make that possible. Just a thought:  the same is true from within an organization- if we are asking for donations and giving sacrificially then we should make sure to show our people how to give as well.  I think this author hit it on the nose with their quote on page 49: The heart is the easy conversation, but the checkbook is the difficult one. If we sit around avoiding the question then we are avoiding getting answers.

Plan you work and work your plan, make sure you have all hands on deck. CEO is really CHIEF (fundraising) Officer -important titled people want to chat with important titled people. 

1st Corinthians 13 break down: we are supposed to be the living proof of God’s love, if we are not on track with what his plan for us it, then we are not on track. We are “bankrupt without love.” Include your donor in your planning (know when your times with your donors fit into your schedule with the project.

Solicitation is not a dirty word, it’s an important step in making your donor feel a part, unlike mail outs that can be easily put in the trash. Everything yells clarity and simple. Do not apologize for sharing your heart and asking someone to come along side you, even if the answer is no and you feel hurt but do say THANK YOU and show much appreciation when they do. We are not in the game of cranking numbers but the building relationships life. Take your relationships as far as they go, not over using but balancing the power wisely.

In conclusion, do not be scared of the asks because that’s when you will get answers, directions and relationships. Relationships are going to take your organization to the next step.  


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