Webinar Review: Art and Science of Dig Fundraising

Art and Science of Digital Fundraising

Donor Pyramid
Major Donors {Planned Giving, Capital Campaign, Board Development}

          Mid-Level {Gift Officer, Staff and Management}

                    Mass Market
Monetize Facebook Likes



Why digital fundraising is KING?
It is fun, educational and has deeper engagement
Dig Fundraising Handbook

People are OPEN
O: On Demand: expect information right now. How are we being on demand?

P: Personalization: Show donors achievement, status and historical markers.
  • What are we currently showing to our donors about their donations? Only mailings?
E: Engaged: Share profound events and realities

N: Networked: Constantly connected
  • Who is our connective authority and are they on the same page?
  • Who are we reaching? Why are we reaching them?
  • Sometimes the Biggest donor isn't networked within our network. 
Facebook Connectivity Stats
Gen Y 86% Gen X 78%

Boomers 74% Matures 58%

69% of giving class is 50 or older: are you leveraging the right channels of communication and marketing

Educate: Why, How, What of the organization in an entertaining and way that sticks

Entertain: give them an experience they want to engage in and share with others

What’s a question we can ask of our constituents? 

          Not only about the company as a whole but also about the campaigns we run!!

Powerful Campaigns
1. Plan strategically for maximum impact:

    *Timing *Content *Cultivate
    *Do we have an on-boarding strategy for our constituents?

2. Set quantifiable goals (metrics)

3. Create Pre-Launch Buzz
  • Personalized URLS, postcards or emails
  • Promo Emails with VIP access and/or save the date
  • Social media (incentivize it)
  • Partnerships (matching challenges, share with their network on our behalf)
4. Design an engaging event (mindful of balance)

5. Incentivize
  • Make it fast and easy to share
  • 1 to 1 matching or share to win prize 
3 Secrets of Digital Fundraiser Success
1. Consider the end at the beginning of the cultivation (with relevant and timely follow up)

     A. Acquire B. Activate C. Convert D. Thank E. Steward and engage

2. Optimize behavioral data on donor
  • Leverage data: predict most likely to give
  • Prioritize resources, staff and time
3. Develop a long term strategy (activate not reactivate)

Proven Projects
*Laura Bush Education
Edutainment (educational and entertainment) Quiz (kids favorite book, favorite book character)
1st quiz had over 25000 votes, 2nd Quiz received over 43000 votes
Phase one: viral acquisition, with matching challenge incentive
Phase two: name acquisition
Results: Increased Facebook likes by 22% and Twitter by 55%

*Moody Marathon- Moody Bible College

Results: 70% new names, 40% reengage
How?: Post card with PURL, email, radio (Moody Radio)
Incentive: IPad (weekly), trip to Israel
What?: Interactive Virtual Marathon
Goal: Name acquisition, donor information


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