Review: 365 Pocket Morning Prayers

{necessary information} I received this book as a try-me from Tyndale Publishers and the opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and not those of the author or publisher

{transparency of a blogger} Sometimes I struggle with the what to say to God because there are so many things swirling whirling around my mind that I can not put into words what I want, need or how I want to apologize to God. I have found great help in my prayers when I pray scripture and pray for what to pray for.

{insert 365 Pocket Morning Prayers} When you are given a good word to start your prayers with, it helps the flow of your time with God. The daily prayers are short and include a biblical reference. The prayers are daily numbered but also have subtitles when you have something specific you are looking to pray for ( forgiveness, remaining faithful, ect). I reccomend for anyone who is trying to get a schedule prayer time or is trying to figure out this prayer thing altogether.



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