Review: Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal

{necessary information} I received this book as a try-me from Tyndale Publishers and the opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and not those of the author or publisher

{transparency of blogger} I have worked for preschools and coaching facilities and as a babysitter for most of my life. Sometimes you have an extra coloring sheet laying around while the kids are babysitting ( and sometimes it was on purpose) so you have to sit down with the kids and use the best crayons or color pencils available to color the extra page. Okay, okay, I love to color. There is something therapeutic to coloring. 

{ review Gratitude} I love all things girly, so the fact that this book came with a flowery firm cover- I was giddy. Then you open up to devotion surrounded with black and white images crying to be colored- I was over the moon. After I read the devotional there is room to journal through my thoughts, taking coloring breaks. I highly reccomend this book for all ages and would be amazing as a book to use with an accountability buddy. 


  1. I'm not a colorer (is that a word) but Its sound like a really nice Christmas gift for a friend that likes to color.

  2. you could leave it uncolored if you so chose - it has journaling sections with each writing section ;)


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