Life: Free Coffee

2017: The current year
2007: The year I graduated from high school
Do you see the correlation?
10 Years

Ten years have passed since I graduated from Churchill High School. Now it may seem strange that I am writing about my ten year mark when it isn't even ten years to the date yet(May 28th), but what made me think of it was Free Coffee this morning. 

Toss Back to High School: My dad would drop me off around 7 am when he had to leave for work (or else I was walking the two miles to and from school for the day). Many of my friends would get dropped off around 7:30 am so they had some time to hang out before their practices or meetings that normally started at 8:00 am ( school bells rung for the day to start at 9:00 am). April was my favorite month for these hang outs to happen because my two close friends, Anna and Sarah, and me would walk to Valero after the Spurs won a playoff game and get free coffee. Our coffee was normally about half normal coffee and half cappuccino mix: because coffee, sugar and tacos got me through high school. 

Back to April 2017: The Spurs won the second play off game against the Grizzlies, meaning I was able to get free coffee this morning. I decided in reflection of my high school years I would add some of the cappuccino mix: 3/4 Pecan blend coffee and 1/4 French Vanilla cappuccino. 

In reflection of high school me, I realize I still love being as involved as I was in high school ( MUN, Spanish Club, Yearbook, Chargers for Christ, Mascot, Speech/Debate, Junior Class Officer, Savrola, Thespians... just to name a few), but have learned to enjoy deep breaths more. I have seen how each of the activities that I was a part of in high school have fit into the picture of who I am today: Yearbook and Savrola have carried over into my blogging; Speech, MUN, and Thespians carry over into opportunities I have had in public speaking; Mascot and being nominated as Most Spirited in my class have shown through in the support I give to whatever activity I am a part of myself or that those around me are a part of. 

I may not be the person that I wanted to be ten years after I walked the stage at the Freeman Coliseum, but I am the person that walked the stage. I am the person that was a part of 15 plus clubs and organizations in high school. I am a stronger person now because of people and circumstances I faced in the halls of Winston Churchill High School. I am a stronger Christian because of the people and circumstances I faced at Churchill Baptist Church. I am the product of Gods work through me, and thats all I can hope to be ten years later. 
2nd Peter 3:18: 
But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 
To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.
and I still enjoy a cup of free coffee when the Spurs win in the playoffs.
Go Spurs Go,


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