Life: Weight

"Now that you are losing weight, you're actually looking pretty"
"I will teach you how to cinch at the waist, for when you decide to finally lose weight"

Direct quotes I have been told over the past month. If you follow me on any form of social media, you know I am kicking butt and taking names to get the weight off. I have lost and kept off about 20 pounds since summer 2016 alone. My journey so far as lead to about 60 pounds. I am currently wearing a smaller size then I wore my senior year in high school ( when my husband and I started dating). I am not sharing this to get a "congrats" or "way to go" or brag on myself, I am sharing to share what changed for me.
  • I have struggled with my weight my entire life. 
  • I have struggled with my self image my entire life. 
  • I have heard comments like the ones above my entire life from people close to me. 
My legit weight loss journey started in 2010- when we started the year by giving up something different each month to try to kick habits (which also included a month of being meat free in which we ate at ChickFilA almost every day because we had decided that Jesus loves ChickFilA and we should not ever give it up-hahahah). In 2011, my husband dislocated his ankle and had months of rehab, and I got pneumonia for the first time. These two events kicked our hineys and reminded us that we needed to get healthier- which is when we came across some food documentaries that lead to our pescatarian/vegetarian lifestyle change. In 2012 I took running classes because I realized that I would hold my breath when I was running and wanted to one day possibly run a half marathon. I improved my running during this training and ran a few 5ks ( one for school, one to close out the class and a Turkey Trot). Only proving I wasn't living on some crash diet but just small lifestyle changes.

I have run off and on for the past few years but it took me finding my own rhythms to fall in love with my walk/run/trot/stroller stroll habits I have now. The only race I am winning is against me, myself and I, and I think as soon as I realized that I began winning my journey. Encouragement is great, but YALL!- we can not let people dictate your journey, or it will more than likely fail.

My journey has allowed me to have nature time with God either through quite workouts or through worship workouts.

Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the LORD with all your heart 
and lean not on your own understanding; 
in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." 

Don't get me wrong, I am not on my journey alone. First off the big guy upstairs has been huge in this!! Especially when I am on a long stretch of RUNNING or longer distance walk and want to make it to a specific point(or home), or time frame and I keep repeating verses to get there. Second, my husband and I have really enjoyed exploring different parks and paths together. Third, and deff not the last, is the handsome little guy I nanny loves being outside and in fresh air so we enjoy getting to go on daily walks together.

I heard on KLove recently one of the cool L name pastors (either Levi Lusko or Louis Giglio) were sharing about resolutions and when you share them around over and over and over again, you are giving power to the item you are trying to defeat. They said that is why many people fail at New Years Resolutions- they post it everywhere and lose track of actually making actions steps to conquer it. Keep your circle small ( with Him in the center), and keep your circle intimate when it comes to sharing goals and having accountability.

My journey is no longer one dictated by the scale(but seeing those numbers go down sure does bring a smile to my face).The image I see in the mirror is the beautiful creation that God has created me to be (and it doesn't hurt when I realize my clothes are all too big- SHOPPING SPREE). My journey is no longer dictated by the rude words of people who have lost their filters (bless their hearts).

life is a walk in the park
and sometimes there are bugs
<3 A


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