Life: What 8 Months Can Do

If you are a follower of my blog, you may remember a little posty poo I wrote back in April titled, "Life: Adoption, Foster Care and Us" (if not check it out) which was the first time I was sharing publicly that I was okay if we never had biological children and a peek into my giant bleeding heart for foster and adoption. Well little did I know that only one month later I would be sitting in a doctor's office being told, " Congratulations, no antibiotics for you- you are pregnant.

Ecclesiastes 3:1, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."

Why do I ever think I know what God is planning and timing is for my life? God continues to remind this planner obsessed girl that His clock knows better than mine. I have had to lean on that more than anything 8 months after that blog. My husband and I are still praying/seeking/interviewing for guidance on where God has laid out for us next in ministry, and currently will be bringing our sweet bundle of joy home to a 400 square foot apartment.

Our little blessing is due within days of my husband and my NINE year anniversary- so to say that expecting is a long time coming is #truth. We have spent years loving on other people's children in ministry and through babysitting and look forward to snuggling our bundle of joy in 2018. If you read the April blog (which you should), nothing has changed except order of appearance at this point. My husband and I yearn for the day that God calls us to our new home so that we may get licensed as foster parents and possibly adopt. 

We knew all along that nothing was medically wrong (well we have learned that there is something medically different about me, but not wrong per say) and that we were capable of having children, but it happening at this time where we are so uncertain of what the future looks like is ALL GODS TIMING. I have a peace about all of this and I can only say it's God, because my brain could be freaking out on about 100 different levels about income, home, hospital, ect. When I wrote the blog in April I had found a peace about sharing that kids would come into my life in some shape or form and today I have a kid coming into my life after being knit in my womb. 

My heart still aches for the children in foster care, and the mamas (who like me) wait each month to possibly see the plus sign on a pregnancy test. For this reason, I have not been very vocal about my pregnancy. I share today to help remind someone in waiting that Gods timing is good, and you have not been forgotten. You are loved and your path is being woven before your very eyes. Each day you learn something, you are building who you are suppose to be for your Esther "such a time as this" moment. 

Please let me know if I can pray specifically for you or with you in your waiting season. 
<3 A


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